Ditch the Straw

July 5, 2018

Recently, Fern Kitchen has joined the #ditchthestrawPDX fight and is providing straws *by request only. Along with that we also gave a little bonus… if you bring your own drink container we will take fifty cents off of its price. That’s any coffee, smoothie, juice, lemonade, iced tea, kombucha, bone broth, elixers and wellness shots! Plastic cups, lids, and straws are a growing detriment to our earth. taking literally hundreds of years to decompose. It’s made us really rethink how many we hand out in a day. Sippy cups, coffee mugs, mason jars, colorful cups with crazy straws. if we can pour liquid into it, we’re gonna discount your drink for using it. Because we’re in the business of real nourishment. and really nourishing this earth is pretty important to us too.

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