The People Behind The Scenes

Tim&Julie-getting-down-to-businessWe are Tim and Julie Vogt. Married in 1979 and business owners since 1986. Our roots start with traditional families who grew gardens and gathered friends and family together to share good food. Entertaining was a way of life, and as children we both loved being a part of the preparations. Our love of food grew from there, growing vegetables, cooking great food, taking pictures of food, sharing recipes, and of course entertaining with family and friends just as our parents did. Our friends always said “you should own a restaurant some day” and we dreamed of it.

Here’s how it happened.

Julie, with two growing sons, always in the kitchen. Along the way, over a decade of work in a commercial kitchen, and 5 years as a committed social services worker, advocating for the elderly. Tim, running a contracting business since his 20s, starts Creative Design Masonry inc. in 1990, a successful masonry contracting firm based in Eugene. All the while, assisting Julie in the kitchen with great pleasure, and becoming what Julie calls, a “grill master.” Always continuing our wonderful family tradition of hosting and gathering together our friends and family for great food, and spirits!

Now, life’s path has led us to this exciting new challenge of “Feeding Everyone Real Nourishment” or “FERN” An idea that our food can be simple again, and we can gather together with family and friends to enjoy it!

Mission Statement

Offering fresh, locally sourced, life-enhancing nourishment from people who care.

Our Recipe for Wellness

  1. Start with a passion for Feeding Everyone Real Nourishment
  2. Add a generous helping of?fresh,?local ingredients
  3. Combine with planet?consciousness
  4. Stir?in?vitality
  5. Sprinkle?heart
  6. Serve with?care
  7. Wash it down with joy